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Fantastic Above-ground Pools That Will Turn Your Backyard into an Oasis

At Baker Pool Spa & Fitness, you'll find a great selection of above-ground pools from trusted brands. Our dedicated staff will help you find the perfect pool for your backyard. Along with great pools, we also offer everything you need for your pool including filters, pool cleaners, liners, and chemicals.

Mission pools

Genesis 54 pool

Benefits and Features:



  • 8-inch injected resin top ledge

  • 6-inch fully supportive steel uprights

  • Bottom wall channel made of resin


Wall Joint

  • Computer-designed wall joint ensures better resistance to water pressure

  • Oversized bolts augment stability

  • Zincguard™ 275 hot-dipped galvanized

  • Polyenamel™ Kote

  • Resin-Shield™

  • Synpro™

  • Duoguard™

  • Pre-finished pool components

  • Protective Finishes

Outback knows the backyard is becoming the focus of summer entertainment. The Genesis 54 is more than a swimming pool. It's fun with style that perfectly complements any backyard decor.


The Genesis 54 pool combines the features of injection-molded resin with design elements, never seen before in an affordable backyard pool. It comes standard with a wide-mouth skimmer system for superior skimming action, and a cleaner pool.


Benefits and features include:

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The Inspiration

The Lancaster

Find the pool that will turn your backyard into the place to be. We have great financing available for our products.

  • Sweeping Tru-Radius top rails

  • Joint cover installed into pool frame

  • Frame manufactured using injection molding resin

  • Reinforced with ribbing on the underside of the pool frame skin

  • Resin is Color Thru and UV and impact-resistant

  • Bottom plate integrated into 1 1/4" wide resin bottom rail

  • Greater rim strength

  • Designer pool wall

  • Distinctive Prelude wall design

divider phone

Find the perfect pool for your backyard

Buying a pool

An Above Ground Swimming Pool from the Store to Your Backyard


Shop for a complete above ground pool package from a reputable Swimming Pool Store. The more you shop, the more people you talk to, you will learn how great Baker Pool and Fitness really is. We care more about the product and service than you do!


How long have they been in business? Baker Pool and Fitness has been in business since 1968.


Check them out online: Better Business Bureau, Wisconsin Court Access, Call the independent installers (the reputable installers install only the good dealers pools, Wisconsin’s summer is short and they don’t have time to work with inferior pools that might be missing parts or have the wrong parts).


Get a complete Swimming Pool Package:



Buy a pool that is made by a name brand Swimming Pool Manufacture. The warranty is only as solid as the manufacture. Ask to see the warranty in full detail in writing.



Does the pool have a STAINLESS STEEL panel in the pool wall where the inwall skimmer and water return are? Our competitor’s wall does not cover corrosion around the inwall skimmer and return area. It says so in their warranty; this is where swimming pools fail! STAINLESS STEEL won’t rust due to leaks and chemical corrosion. This is the single most important improvement in above ground swimming pools over the last 15 years. Why doesn’t everyone do it? The STAINLESS STEEL panel adds $400.00 to the price of the pool.



Get a filter system that is sized correctly for the size swimming pool you are buying. The filter system needs to have enough horsepower and more importantly the correct flow rate (GPM-GALLONS PER MINUTE) for your swimming pool’s water volume. All the chemical in the world will not keep your swimming pool water clean without the correct size filter system. You will spend more time vacuuming and more money on chemical trying to keep your swimming pool water clean. The filter system needs to be able to filter out dirt and turn the swimming pool water over as much as possible.

Buy a name brand filter system that parts and service are available for you at any reputable dealer. Don’t buy a bastardized price pointed one of a kind specialized filter system that only one dealer offers. One simple 10 cent plug or part completely affects whether your filter system works or doesn’t work. How soon do you want to spend another $500.00 to $600.00 on another filter system for your new swimming pool?



The LINER is the heart of your swimming pool, get the best liner right away. 25 MIL, virgin, non-embossed vinyl is simply the best. Make sure that the wall and floor is of the same mil thickness. Remember that “mil” is a measurement, millimeters, “Gauge” means anything you want to gauge it against. Don’t be fooled, you can’t fake a measurement or the “mil”. You can play games with gauge. A lot of liners are thinner on the floor like only 16 mil and maybe 20 mil on the wall. Doesn’t the floor take just as much abuse from kids playing or winter ice than as the wall? It’s cheaper to make and before this did you know to ask? Our liner is 25 mil throughout, wall and floor. Check the warranty in writing as well. The liner warranty gets mixed up with the swimming pool structure warranty. They are two different warranties. Check out our website liner page: POOL LINERS we really explain it there. Embossed vs. Non-Embossed and how to determine true thickness. You want a swimming pool liner that is 25 MIL wall and floor, non-embossed, virgin vinyl. Our liner is also a beaded liner which means it assembles just like a $35,000.00 inground pool. It looks the best, no overlap showing on the outside of the swimming pool wall. You cannot get a more professional look or more durability than a 25 MIL (wall and floor), non-embossed, virgin vinyl beaded above ground pool liner.



Does the swimming pool come equipped with a widemouth inwall skimmer? A widemouth inwall skimmer is needed to handle the high flow rates of today’s powerful filter systems. If your inwall skimmer is to small you will wreck your filter system because the small mouth inwall skimmers simply cannot provide enough water flow to the filter system so you end up starving the pump of water or create cavitation which destroys pumps. Is the manufacture of the inwall skimmer kit name brand? Parts like the skimmer basket, vacuum plate, skimmer cover, gaskets, eyeball fittings are all readily available from name brand companies. That is what we stock. These are some of the pieces that get lost over winter because you put them away so good or your children decided they make good toys. Baker Pool and Fitness uses only the most common widemouth inwall skimmer assembly in the industry.



Get a ladder that is all resin and one that can hold real people. The all resin ladder will not break down due to bad water chemistry or harsh chemical in the water. An option is an all resin step section that is easier to get in and out of the swimming pool. Our resin step section holds real people without that wiggly feeling. Our step section also allows for water to circulate behind the steps so you don’t get mold or algae growing behind them.



Get a maintenance kit that gets the job done. Our swimming pool maintenance kits comes with an aluminum vacuum pole (aluminum does cost more than a steel pole besides a steel pole is heavier to use and its going to rust), a skimmer net, a weighted vacuum head (a light vacuum head floats up making vacuuming more of a chore), a quality ribbed vacuum hose that doesn’t suck flat from the suction of a strong filter system (if you get a weak filter system like the competitors use you won’t have to worry about this one). Weak suction makes for a long day of cleaning the swimming pool.



Does the swimming pool package come with a complete chemical kit or just a “start-up kit”? Our swimming pool package comes with a complete kit. After we help you determine what sanitizer is right for your swimming pool, we supply you with that sanitizer, an algaecide, pH adjustments both up and down, and an easy to use swimming pool water test kit. One of the biggest things we pride ourselves on is that we just don’t say “see ya good luck” we are here for all your water chemistry needs. We offer free water testing all year round. Bring us a water sample and we can tell you exactly what is going on with your water and what you need in your water if anything. We help you even after the sale, we want to make your owning a swimming pool easy not another chore!


The installation process.

  • Get the necessary swimming pool permits and electrical permits from your city or town.

  • The Installers.

  • How long have they been installing above ground swimming pools?

  • Check them out online: Better Business Bureau, Wisconsin Court Access.

  • If it sounds to good to be true it is. Nothing is free. Just think how much fuel alone costs to run big trucks and earth moving equipment. What is being sacrificed to pay for the install? The swimming pool, the quality of the install? Or both?

  • Get the install in writing, a contract, good installers have nothing to hide.

  • This is what you should expect from a good install.

  • Excavation of the swimming pool site down to clear firm ground.

  • Removal of the excavated dirt, a lot of dirt is removed and what are you going to do with it leave it piled in the yard or drive way?

  • Sand is needed for the base and bottom of the pool. Is the sand included? Sand usually costs around $200.00 for a typical swimming pool install.

  • Is the sand bottom going to be compacted into a smooth surface? Any imperfections in the bottom sand will show up once the liner is installed. A non compacted bottom will settle with divots all over the place. You want to have a smooth bottom so that vacuuming the swimming pool bottom is easier and so that any automatic swimming pool vacuum will work properly and won’t get stuck.

  • The liner is set with the intent to have no wrinkles from the start. Some installers hit you in the middle of the job to see if you want to have a wrinkle free install and charge you an extra fee. This should not be an after thought and is dirty business. This sounds crazy but is true. Everybody assumes wrinkle free, do not assume anything.

  • Install the inwall skimmer and return fittings on the swimming pool.

  • Assemble and hook up the filter system.


Electrical and Gas Lines

Get a licensed electrician to provide correct power supply outlets for pool equipment. Most people have a favorite electrician, if you don’t we can help you find one. If you are getting a gas heater or considering a gas heater now would be the time to get the gas line installed. This has to be done by a certified gas line installer. We can help you find a installer for that as well. It is easier to dig up the yard just once than twice to run the lines.


Bottom Line

The bottom line is that we want to see you get a great Swimming Pool at a great Price, with no hidden fees, expenses or headaches. We would like to make the process of building a Back Yard Escape an easy one.



The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price!

GLI® and The Vinyl Works® above-ground pool liners are made from the highest grade, American Made non-embossed vinyl. Each liner is precisely crafted using the latest computer-aided design technologies, ensuring a perfect fit for any wall height or bead style. All of our liners come with at least a 15 year pro-rated warranty!  You’ll have the peace of mind that comes from quality craftsmanship and materials.


Why we use only non-embossed vinyl

Embossed vinyl varies in thickness, leading to a substandard product that is more apt to rip, wear unevenly or otherwise fail prematurely. The illustration below shows how embossed vinyl measures the thickness of the material at the highest point of the embossing rather than the valley which is the true thickness of the material.


That is not an option for a GLI® or The Vinyl Works® above ground liner. All of our above ground liner material is non-embossed which represents the true thickness.  Our GLI® Beachview unibead above ground liner is made with 25mil thick, non-embossed virgin vinyl.


The GLI® and The Vinyl Works® Advantage

What makes our pool liners the industry’s best? Here are some specific reasons to choose a GLI® or The Vinyl Works® liner for your above-ground pool:

  • The Best Grade, 100% Virgin Vinyl.

  • Recycled vinyl can adversely affect a liner’s performance. We use only the very best above-ground-grade vinyl on the market to ensure long-lasting  performance and beauty.

  • The Perfect Fit Every Time

  • Our computer aided design tools allow us to create an exact fit to any pool shape. And the better a liner fits, the less likely it is to wear unevenly, rip, or otherwise fail.

  • Superior Durability

  • We use only non-embossed vinyl for our above-ground liners. Embossed vinyl varies in thickness, leading to a substandard product that is more apt to rip, wear unevenly or otherwise fail prematurely.

  • All GLI® and The Vinyl Works® pool liners are manufactured to withstand the harshest environments. Our liners retain their stability and beauty in conditions ranging from desert-like heat to bone-chilling temperatures of -40°F or more. And they are specially formulated to resist fading from chlorine and the damaging effects of UV rays.

  • Versatility

  • Quality Craftsmanship

  • We use high-frequency dielectric RF technology to precisely weld each seam and create a guaranteed watertight seal. And we attach our liner bead to the side wall in one continuous piece to completely seal the top perimeter.

  • Easy Maintenance

  • Worry-Free Warranties

  • 15-year pro-rated warranty or better.


mission pool genesis 54 pool

Natural Design Elements Accentuate Your Environment



• 52" Pool Height

• 7" Crystex Top Ledges

• 6" Crystex Uprights

• Triumph Wall

• Universal Coated Plates & Rails

• Molded Ledge Covers & Foot Covers

• Stainless Hardware

inspiration pool

An Economical Yet Prestigious Addition to Any Backyard!



• 52" Pool Height

• 6" Roll Formed Ledges & Uprights

• Grey Electra Wall

• Universal Plates & Rails

• Molded Ledge Covers

• Dichromate Hardware

lancaster pool Mission Pool Brochure Genesis 54 Pool Brochure Inspiration Pool Brochure The Lancaster Pool Brochure Blue Cascade Liners GLI Pool Liners